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Finding Real Potential in Companies and Leaders

New Sage Strategies is a trusted advisor helping companies and leaders realize their greatest potential. Creating solid business results through the greater performance of your team is our ultimate goal.

New Sage Strategies offers customized solutions for executive teams that are grounded in your unique business needs. These solutions are designed to help leaders combine strategy with execution through leadership and management of the resulting change.

New Sage Strategies takes great pride in growing people, companies and ideas. Contact us for more information about how we can help you create more effectiveness in your organization and ultimately reach your business goals.

About New Sage Strategies

Just like the sage leaf brings natural health benefits to the human body, New Sage Strategies brings ideas and solutions that improve the health of your business. Operating in Northeast Wisconsin, New Sage Strategies works directly with executive teams to customize and create a strategic improvement plan for your business.  We help identify and remove barriers to create a greater focus on strategy, leadership and execution to drive results.

Our goal is to simplify the model to allow executive leadership teams the opportunity to work the issues affecting the business performance. It’s not complex, but it can be hard.

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Our Approach


Strategy is simply a plan to get from where you are to where you would like to be.


Leadership is about influence, the actions taken or influence to promote the targeted outcome. The ability to lead an organization depends upon your ability to influence others to grow in a positive direction.  


Execution is putting the plan in place and holding each other accountable for results.


About Women's Executive Resource Group

Many women are motivated to learn in a community with other women. But it’s often challenging for women to discuss business issues in a meaningful way. Women’s Executive Resource Group has been established to help address this challenge. 

The mission is to advance executive women, grow business and transform workplaces by empowering women in leadership.

Small groups of women executive leaders meet regularly to address business and leadership issues they are currently facing. It’s time to lean on each other to create workplace environments that are less authoritative and more collaborative, less conventional and more diverse, and less impersonal and more authentic  Be the power for women in leadership.



  • Identify practices needed to achieve higher levels of success.
  • Increase the capacity of building alliances and handling conflict.
  • Develop strategic relationships for professional feedback.
  • Leverage feedback and problem-solving techniques to improve team performance.
  • Increase cross-cultural proficiency.
  • Gain valuable professional connections and networking opportunities with supportive, high-potential women.
  • Learn specific skills to improve career options and support greater visibility for women in senior positions.

Contact us to join our next Women's Resource Group meeting. 

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke

About Vicki

Vicki Updike brings over 25 years of executive experience with a variety of companies.  Prior to consulting, Vicki held President and CMO positions at Silver Star Brands (fka Miles Kimball Company) and was an operating executive with Bergstrom Automotive. Vicki Updike brings experience in the areas of strategic planning and execution, organizational development, leadership development, and executive leadership team development.

Vicki is passionate about helping create strong, effective leadership teams. She loves a good challenge and leans on her knowledge and experiences to help build results-minded leadership qualities in each person or group she gets the privilege to work alongside.

Vicki is a graduate of the University of WI Whitewater with a BBA and an MBA from NYIT.

Vicki is a long time resident of Northeast Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and two adult children.  She is very involved in the community and holds board positions on various economic development and other community non-profit organizations.  She is also a frequent speaker on leadership, women in leadership and young professionals where she has a specific passion.